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June 16, 2010


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Everything looks amazing. As far as I'm concerned raspberries say summer! I bought a new recipe book called Small Batch Preserving....I thought of you!

I'm going to try the vodka one with local blackberries this summer!


Raspberry jam is the husband's favourite. The bees are busy in the raspberry patch, so I think we'll have a good crop, just late. The strawberries are just starting to show some red on a few berries. So late this year.


Looks so delicious. Raspberries are always so expensive here, it would cost a fortune to buy enough for jam. And alas, it's one of my favorites.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

There were local strawberries at the Edmonds market last Saturday but it does seem early for raspberries. There are salmonberries in the Yost Park woods. A bit more tart than raspberries and you would have to search (there used to be a lot near Sherwood Elementary but that road may be developed now)to get enough for that many jars.

Julia Stone

You should save those vodka soaked raspberries for some ice cream or cobbler.


You are a canning fiend the idea of Raspberry vodka is divine.


I just introduced some of my fresh cherries to a big bottle of vodka. I may wait 2 weeks before tasting.

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