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January 31, 2011


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Hey thanks for this! I was drinking Ribena the other day and said it reminded me of grape jelly and my son had never heard of grape jelly!! We only ever have homemade jam, and like you I had never bothered to find all those concord grapes. I'll have to give this a try on the week-end.

Deborah Torgerson

Charles Schulz, of the Charlie Brown fame, would only eat grape jellyl on his morning toast. ONLY grape jelly. Every day of his life. It must help the creative characteristics.


My sister-in-law, The Soup Queen, last summer gave me some grape juice she had canned and I made jelly with some of it. My family was just not wild about my grape jelly -go figure. Your recipe here looks super easy and your jelly is beautiful -maybe they'll like this recipe better.


It is delicious.This is a really simple recipe for a classic, comforting dish.


Yum, it's not just kids who love grape jelly! Think I might try this one too.


I wonder if this would work with other kinds of juice as well?

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