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May 03, 2012


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Dare I tell you that we got "upgraded" to a Dodge Charger rental this weekend? And my police escort was driving! :)


Rock on Ms. Dandelion! Rock on!

What kind of reusable snack/sandwich bags did you get from Etsy? I searched the blog but couldn't find them.



Too funny! I didn't even know they rented crown vics.

A friend's husband drives one at work (not a police officer). He liked it so much he bought one. She hates it, won't even ride in it.

Once I was offered what I refer to as a 'pimp daddy' car as a free upgrade. I was going to be parking it at the ferry terminal while I commuted - needless to say I said no thanks and took the tiny, cheap sedan that was less likely to be broken into instead.


I just love the comfort of those big "old folks" cars. Enjoy!


This post made me laugh! Enjoy the leg room in your rental car again this weekend.


mmm I've fought off the mini-van experience as a symbol of down-to-earth and established. Love the memories of Dad's big Lincoln-he was so proud of the "I'm successful" feeling.

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