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July 15, 2012


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i to love how pretty a picot cast on and bind off looks. i have now that i think about it used both this cast on and bind off successfully. i am loving this tour because i am being forced to actually think and then say yes i have tried this cast on or bind off with or without success. thank you for the chance to win.


If my memory is working this morning I think I used the picot cast on for a baby sweater ages ago. Would be great to try some of the cast ons but am really intrigued by the cast off methods. I'm stuck on the generic k2 slip one over.


What a wonderful gesture on the part of the publisher. I have always used the long tail cast-on but continually run the risk of not having enough "tail" for the number of stitches I need. I actually checked this book out of my library and discovered that using two skeins of the yarn and tying the two strands together at the beginning, I never have to worry about that again! I would love to win this book!

Suzanne Shattuck

I'd like to learn the picot cast on that you showed. My sister used that on a pair of socks and I loved it.


Ooh! I didn't realize the book dimensions before now - makes me want it even more! Ooh ooh! I've done a picot bind off and a picot hem, but I didn't know there's a picot cast on, too! Now I really, really want this book! :)

Anne Marie

I really like the cable cast on, and I just discovered the super stretchy cast off, my new favorite. Would love to learn some new ones!


Oh, I'd love to try the decorative cast-ons! And, I'd also like to learn more super-stretchy cast-ons! This book is such a great idea!

Sharon M2

Left to my own devices, I always to the long-tailed cast on and plain, old bind-off of pulling 1 stitch over the other. One recent project used an i-cord cast on, and another, a picot bind-off.


I normally use long-tail cast on. I love the picot cast on, but it is kind of fiddly to do. Now you've got me wanting to know more about this Norwegian cast-on. I'd never heard of it before.


I'm stuck in a long tail cast on rut. Would like to master the cable cast on.


I like the the Cable cast on.



I only know the long tail cast on, so that's what I use! Thanks for the giveaway.

Robin in VA

I'm SO interested in this book...I know about 5 of the cast on's but really only use the long tail. I really do need to start experimenting with others!

Geraldine Scott

I'm stuck in a rut with the long-tail cast on. I would love to learn some new techniques without having to search the internet. Thanks for the chance to win!


Long tail all the way! But I'm starting to think I need to spend more time learning new tricks ;)


My favorite is the long tail cast on. Works for most of my projects.


My 2 favorite cast ons are the long tail & the cable cast on.

I have never tried a Picot bind off but I would really like to.

Margaret Law

Long tail and old Norwegian are my fave cast ons but love the idea of lots of new cast on and cast off methods being at my finger tips.


Judy's magic cast on for toe up socks and I just learned how to do tg long tail cast in for purl. So today I cast on in knits and purls for the ribbing on a baby sweater. I feel very clever.


Yes, Norwegian cast-on is on my list to try! Perhaps I can master Judy's magic cast on too.


Very useful book!


I flipped thru this at my LYS and can say emphatically, this is a GREAT book! TONS of info, and really clear pics - what's not to like!?!?


Thanks for the great review. I would love to learn more stretchy cast on and bind offs. I hate ending my project with a hard line from the bind off edge.

Mary Mara

My favorite is the English cast-on. It is very similar to the long-tail cast-on with an extra twist that adds a bit of stretchiness. I learned this from Nancy Bush - waaaaaay back when Madrona Fiber Arts was held at the Inn at Gig Harbor!


Hi, found you following 'the tour' :) My go-to cast on is the cable cast on but I love the picot edging and had bookmarked it from another site. How great it would be to have all these at my finger tips instead of scrambling to find the instructions in various magazines etc!!

Angie S.

I tend to stick with cable cast-on and long-tail cast-on. I didn't know there was so many options.

Kim Fath

I usually use a long tail or knitted cast on. Just tried the stretchy cast on that is basically a series of slip knots (very stretchy but takes foreeevvverrr.

I would love to add to my cast on and off repertoire.

Cheryl S.

I usually use the long-tail or cable cast-on, and the traditional bind-off unless I need something stretchier. I've never tried the Channel Island cast-on, that's on my to-do list.


Love the basic long tail cast on (unless I haven't left a long enough tail!)


Great review... we're up on Wednesday!


Oh, this looks super useful! As someone who just about always does cable cast-on and, uh, standrad knitted bind-off...well, the benefits are obvious. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


I'm with you - I've been wanting to get to grips with Old Norwegian for a while. Just because... it's there?


I am a big fan of the cable cast on, but i am pretty limited to that or the long tail because I didn't know there was so many options! Would love to win to try them all!

Staci Shelton

I've always loved the cable cast on, but I'm itching to learn more methods of casting on and off!

Julie C

I'd have to say that the Picot Cast On looks pretty interesting and I'd love to try it!


What a fabulous looking book! I so need to expand beyond long-tail. Thanks for the opportunity!

Betty-Anne Whipp

Thank you for this fantastic information. This book would make a great addition to any knitter's knitting bag.

I grew up watching my mom and grandmother do the cable cast on and that is what I do to this day but I have recently learned the long tail cast on and have used it quite successfully. I really like it but adding more to my repetoire would be fantastic.

Have a great day.

Jo Alcindor

three needle bind off for the win!


This book tour is fun and I am discovering some wonderful new blogs. I am in a rut -- long tail and plain vanilla cast off so itnwould definitely be helpful!


I use long tail cast on most of the time unless it needs to be stretchy, then it's German Twisted cast on. Cast on's and bind off's are pretty much determined by the application. So I could definitely use more techniques in my repertoire!


I would love to win this book. The only cast on I know is the long tail and I only recently figured out how to do it all by myself. Yay me. lol


Wow, looks like a great book. Yes, I am a long tail cast on person. I need this book obviously. Thanks for a chance!


This looks like a great book! I didn't even know there were more than the long tail until a few years ago. and I only know one cast-off. I think I really need this book!

Aimee K

I used to do the long tail cast on, but then discovered the German twisted which is much more elastic. I use it all the time. Then there's some sort of rib cast on that my LYS owner just taught me but I can't for the life of me remember how to do it. This book would be very handy!


This book tour is fun. My favorite is my old standby- the cable cast on. This book would be very good as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift for the friend who has everything!


I would like to do more with two color cast ons. Also a pretty picot bind off.

Off to explore your blog, I've added you to my reader, catching up on the book tour. g


I love long tail and I use it all the time. I would really like to master the more decorative cast-ons.


I almost always use long-tail. I'd like to try the picot cast-on. This looks like a cool book.

Knitting Needle Sizes

Picot Cast On looks pretty interesting and I'd love to try it! I am extremely inspired along with your talent and also with the layout to your blog.

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