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November 05, 2012


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I have an Italian Pot Roast recipe that we all enjoy. It's served with linguine and is yummy. The baked poleta with mushroom ragu and the rice balls both look good and something I'd like to try.


I love pasta carbonara. I love the combination of the pasta with the bacon and the cheese and the egg.

Anne Marie

Very similar to the first photo of your post, my families favorite from my mom's Italina cookbook -- Suppli al Telefono: Deep-fried Rice and Cheese Balls. YUM!


I have a spinach lasagne recipe that is wonderful! I make a big pan, then after cooking I freeze the leftovers in individual serving sizes. My very own frozen lasagne for the days I'm too lazy to cook. Much better than the store-bought type.

Angie S.

The best Italian food I ever had (besides Gelato) is a simple Pesto Gnocchi dish in Siena. I can't seem to duplicate it. Maybe I will just have to go back to Siena.


Cannot beat a big pot of gravy with homemade meatballs and some brasciole simmering in it for hours!


My favorite Italian food has to involve some pasta, Parmesan cheese and the rest is flexible.

Sage Green

Pizza. Of all kinds as long as it includes mushrooms and garlic!


My grandfather was Sicilian. His grandmother came over with his mother when they were 33 and 16, respectively. And my great-great-grandmother's meatballs and sauce are IT. I could eat those every day of the year and die happy. My gramp's mom taught my grandmother (who was Scotch-Irish and an awesome cook) to make them so her "poor boy wouldn't starve" after he got married. :) Not likely.


Thinking of Italy just makes me happy. The best food we ever had was at a small hotel in Lido di Camaiore, Hotel Bacco. I can't wait to travel there again some time in the future.

Thanksgiving Menus

Better to taste them than staring to them but I admit so hard to stop looking on them, I want to bite those rice balls.


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