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December 04, 2012


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In winter my favorite is Jameson's Irish whiskey - add a shot and a spoonful of honey to some tea for a yummy warm up.


A Nutty Irishman - equal parts Baileys, Frangelico and milk - hot or cold, it's delicous!

Merry Fenton

Call me a novice but it's Kahlua every time. Try it in egg nog this Christmas. Yum!


Gin, Gin, Gin - that demon gin!


Favorite spirit - that's difficult... A good single malt Scotch, Irish Whiskey, sipping tequila, rum & anything, deep red wines. I'm thirsty.....

Deborah Torgerson

Dom Perignon or Krystal. The more expensive the champagne, the better. Most other spirits I can't tell the difference, but the bubbly can not be cheap!

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