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December 12, 2012


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Lucky Grandma! They are beautiful.

Knitting Needle Sizes

You're so sweet! Your Grandma will surely love your handmade knitted mittens. Good job! Knitting is really fun, and it's a wonderful way to make gifts for your loved ones. Happy knitting everyone!


These are beautiful. She will love them and brag to everyone about her talented daughter. I do hope the pain hits the road and you can return to the knitting you love.


Darling mittens - how sweet of you to persevere for your Grandmother. How is my knitting going?? I guess we'll find out soon enough. I just taught myself how to knit. No one knows that yet but I've proceeded to knit 5 hats - one for each of my grandchildren. I can't "sneak" to measure their heads so I can only hope they fit. If not, they will have a cute, snuggly little hat to donate. Thanks for your inspiration!!

Mary Mara

Love the mittens Terri! I am a sock knitting machine this season. Everything is finished. Now to finish that sweater I gave my husband for Christmas 2011!!

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