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November 20, 2008


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If only I could. You know, I have a ridiculous amount of lace yarn, and yet I am terrible at actually producing knitted lace objects. I have dozens of stole, shawl and scarf patterns and yet haven't managed to actually make any of them. Perhaps I will work along with you on my own patterns? Hmm. Regardless, wow. That's one hell of a club!


One of the nice things about not having stash is not feeling guilty when something fun, like a lace club, comes along. My non-stashiness applies only to yarn, patterns is a whole different story. I have more lace patterns than I could knit in 5 years. Something to look forward to in my olds age I suppose.

I love the idea of working along on your own pattern. Maybe something with a similar design or yarn or color? That could be a lot of fun!

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