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April 07, 2010


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Right there with you on the taxes issue. That's the goal for this week.


March blew, is what happened to March. And apparently April will, too (as I type this listening to the third big storm of the week hoping not to lose power).

Love all your projects. I personally love short row heels because I hate picking up gussets. Ain't knitting grand?

Taxes. Give me another week. Our deadline is the 30th, so I can procrastinate a little longer, right?


What a lovely group of projects though - both in texture and color.

I am still more comfortable with top down than toe up, but I will say - Cat Bordhi's method of doing the heel flap on a toe up sock is WONDERFUL. No short rows! And no picking up gusset stitches. Short rows don't fit my heel either and something I do makes the stitch work all wonky on one side.

In fact, even though top down is still my default that I can remember in my head without referring to any instructions, every time I do a Cat Bordhi toe up I think I really need to do MORE of them. ;)

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