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February 22, 2011


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Those are wonderful, and thanks for adding the details of how you did it. Although I don't have handspun to use I often have less than a skein to use, and this method would allow me to use it all up!


These totally rock. :)


Interesting, I have that book and will have to take a look at their heel instructions. I've never had much luck with a non-flap heel before.

The socks turned out lovely and they are very clever.


Wow those socks came out great. When I get back into sock knitting I will have to try the heel part. I can't wait to see what socks you start next.


Hmmm. loving those socks. Ever since you mentioned that book I took it off my shelf and it has been my bedtime reading. Such good stuff! Thanks for reminding me of a great book pal...


They look great! Very clever. ;)

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