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October 04, 2011


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Not so scary to you, maybe! My mum had a pressure cooker when I was a kid, but I don't recall her using it for canning.

Good post.


Nice job, they look yummy!


Fantastic! You are a braver woman than I! :)


Thanks for the step by step explanation. I'm going to be helping a knitting friend with understanding a pattern that's outside her comfort zone and it occurs to me that she knows how to can. I bet she'd help me through it the first time. (I don't know if she pressure cans, but I'd be happy just to get a feel for water bath canning before I try it on my own.)


Heh - the first time I used my pressure canner I was so nervous - I grew up with stories from family about exploding pressure cookers. Mine has the weights that sit on top and rock like a little mad demon. I haven't done beans yet, although I really ought to; I've used mine primarily for canning my own stock.


My folks used to pressure can stuff all summer. Never thought about beans though. Thanks for the idea. Now to find that canner.


What a wonderful tutorial. Easy to follow and confidence inspiring. Maybe I'll get around to using shiny new pressure canner I bought last summer, which has been mocking me from the shelf ever since.

As a fellow spinner and knitter, I also enjoyed your fiber posts. That last roving is very pretty.

-the redhead-


Thank you! That last foving has been spun. As soon as the sun is up I will post photos.


Thanks SO much! I want to can my dried beans, so this is a help. Question about the beans... Do you pre-cook them or just pre-soak before adding to the jars? Anyone tried them at the fresh shell stage instead of dried?

Handcrafted With Altitude

Okay, so here's a question.

I know you can can (ha!) green chilies, and I know it's possible to pressure can chicken and pork. What do I need to do to pressure can green chili stew w/chicken and/or pork? I know the part about not using oil, flour, and cornstarch in the recipe, but am floundering in the dark on this one.

I can do water bath canning math in my sleep, but the pressure canner is still a big mystery.

-the redhead-

Aagaard Farm

I just got a pressure canner and your great post helped clear up a few questions. Thanks for taking it step-by-step!


Thanks for the tutorial - I have yet to try my pressure canner out, but beans are on my list. One question - I noticed you are using tattler reusable lids. I just started using them this year and I realized that I really have to be careful about tightening them after taking them out of the HWB so that they seal correctly. How about with the pressure canner? Do you tighten them or do not disturb as outlined above? Thanks!


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