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May 21, 2012


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It looks very good but boy did you give me a laugh! I knew what you meant but,,,, 2 tsp grated, peeled fresh finger.

My stomach hurts from laughing! :)


Thanks for the good review! I might get this for my brother.


That looks awesome!

Have you looked at the paleo diet cookbooks yet? My best hiking bud went paleo and a LOT of what works for him works for gluten free too.

Gluten Free Breakfast

I always crave for delicious foods, whatever it is. My problem is I'm not aware of what it can bring. I lost my shape easily, I gained a lot. My friend told me about the gluten-free foods. He told me to consider some recipe books of it, so I can cook for myself, without worrying of getting fat.

Rhonda Mcleod

I don't know what the blogger meant when he said that "finger" also. He must mean something and not the one that is on my mind. Can you share to me what this is?

Batz Loera

The food looks so great. Wanna try this at home.
Thanks for sharing.

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