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August 17, 2012


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Oh I have so much to say!
1. zucchinis - I love telling people about sex and squash! So, the deal is that female flowers have little bumps right below the flower that are basically mini fruit. The male flowers are all skinny stem. You may be getting all male flowers (it happens to all of us) or even all female flowers. Or, you may be getting them not flowering at the same time. One thing you can do is pick a male flower, keep it fresh in the fridge, and then when you get a female flower open you can pollinate the female flower with the male flower.And thus ends the squash sex ed :)
2. Swiss chard - much prefers early spring or late summer/fall. I've had fabulous chard that has overwintered and been at its best in March! That said, my spinach does the same thing and tries to bolt from 2 inches high, even in April.
3. Gorgeous garden!!!
4. We are eating green beans fresh every day. Raspberries are done. Green tomatoes, cucumber flowers but no cukes as yet. Like you we are hoping for a good, dry fall!


Wow, I'm impressed. It looks so good and fresh and yummy!

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Great! I'm so impressed! I love to see those fresh and grown garden plants and veges! Well, I appreciate the time you take for your garden. I wish to have that tomatoes in my garden too.


never heard of garlic scape-I'll have some next year! Without a garden this year, we're surviving on the kindness of friends. Lots of tomatoes, zuchinni, tomatoes, kohlrabi, but no corn. I'm craving fresh corn. We'll have to hit the farms today looking for a stand.


Yum! There is nothing better than the freshness of veggies harvested from your own garden. I see you've already gotten fantastic advice on the zucchini situation.

My garden has always been hit and miss, will have photos to share on my blog soon. This year the zucchini is producing like crazy. It's my first success with it, probably due to black plastic and composted horse manure. Past years I would only get 1 or 2 small ones.

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