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June 04, 2014


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How are you storing your teas? Do you use jars (my chamomile lives in a tomato sauce jar)? Use the vacuum sealed tins?

Just make sure you have a small jar or tin to travel with! Easy peasy.

Also my fave infuser is this one: http://www.finum.com/filters/permanent-filters/brewing-basket-m.html

It's BPA free plastic supporting a steel mesh. I find the kind you showed (metal with colander holes) tends to hold more water in the infuser than my trusty guy. (I've also used it as a tiny strainer in a pinch!) It's a really, really fine mesh.

The other nice thing about this guy, is I used to keep it at work. I had a tin of tea and this infuser at my desk. I would leave the infuser in it's little cup (after using), and the tea inside would dry out overnight (or between cups), and was able to be easily brushed into the garbage can. It meant I didn't have to be trying to wash the delicate insides of this all the time.

But I can't wait to see how you store all your teas in your pretty pretty pantry!


I found mine at a local tea shop where my mom lives. But it has the website on the actual infuser (finum.com) so you might be able to order it online or ask them where near you sells their products.

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